Late InkTober Drawings!

Hey everyone! While writing the Dracula post last week, I forgot to make a post showing the rest of the drawings I did for InkTober.

I cheated a little with some of these final drawings. InkTober is supposed to use, well, ink. And while I did use ink for all of these drawings, I started using colored pencils for some of the last few (I got frustrated doing so many drawings in only black and white).

Part of the reason I wasn’t using color in the first place is that I don’t really have any colored markers. I have a few in varying shades of gray, and a few colored India Ink markers, but I was never happy with how they came out. I would have bought some, but good markers are pretty expensive and now wasn’t exactly the best time to drop money on something I probably won’t use too often. πŸ˜›

However, one of my friends lent me a few copic markers to try out, and I used those for my final two drawings. I was thrilled with how they turned out! They were very thick, consistent, and left no streaks. I really want to invest in them some time!

InkTober was very fun. I try using my creativity to make different things as often as I can, but this was the first time since college that I actually worked on something every single day for a month straight. Even when I didn’t feel like it (and trust me, there were a lot of days I wasn’t feeling it), I powered through. There was something really great about starting and finishing something every day, too. I’ve got a bad habit of spending too long on certain things, trying to make them perfect, or even giving up on them if I convince myself there’s no way I could make them look good in the first place. Forcing myself to start and finish something within one day made me more comfortable with myself. Even if something didn’t turn out well (and I definitely think some of these didn’t turn out well), I had plenty more that I was proud of. It became easier for me to understand that if something I was working on wasn’t working out, that’s all right. Because there will always be something next time.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone’s having a great week! πŸ™‚


New S-P-O-O-P-Y Perler art and InkTober drawings!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I feel like a broken record by this point, but once again… I don’t have as many Halloween Perler projects to share this week as I wanted to. In fact, it’s one again. :/ It took a lot longer than I anticipated, and it was sort of complicated too. But it’s better than nothing, right? So here it is, the last Halloween Perler project until next year — Death, from Super Castlevania IV!


I’ve never actually played any Castlevania games before, so I can’t tell you much about Death here. It’s the Grim Reaper, and… well, I hear he’s super hard in the first game. I’ve seen some let’s plays of a few different Castlevania games though, and I know from those that they’re full of spooky monsters that are perfect for Halloween. I browsed some sprite sheets and went with Death because I just thought it looked cool.

Super Castlevania IV, like the Donkey Kong Country games, is one of those SNES titles with more complicated graphics. A lot of different colors, more realistic looking sprites — that sort of thing. I’ll admit, I was hesitant to even do Death. Honestly, I just wanted to make Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar from Pokemon and call it there. But I forgot that there aren’t many shades of purple for Perler beads, and I knew I was going to need more than was available, so I went here instead.

Which was stupid, because I ran into the exact same problem here except with blues. 😦

Yeah, I run into this problem a lot. And I’m still surprised, since there are actually a lot of blue shaded Perlers out there. But I never find any blueish purples or blueish grays, and those are the ones I always need. In this case, I had to improvise about half the colors, so it doesn’t look exactly like the sprite. I still think it came out all right, but it’s definitely one of my pieces I need to step back from to actually appreciate the details.

I’ve also got some more InkTober drawings. I didn’t hit 31, but since I started halfway through the month and still did at least one a day, I’m happy with where I’m at. I’m actually going to keep going with the InkTober challenge even though it’s over, so expect to see more in November. But here’s the next batch:

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone! Dracula‘s about three quarters done, so hopefully I’ll have a review of it next week! πŸ™‚

New S-P-O-O-P-Y Perler art and InkTober drawings!

Hello, everyone! I have a couple more Halloween-themed Perler projects to share today. Unfortunately, I still didn’t do as many as I would have liked (mostly due to working on InkTober drawings at the last minute), but I really like how the two I made came out so I guess that kind of makes up for it!


I feel like the people familiar with these Perler posts might have expected something Pokemon-related for Halloween, and those people are right. I was originally going to make the original three ghost Pokemon, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar but at the last minute decided on something else. Looking through sprite sheets, I chose to go with a different ghost Pokemon that I always thought was pretty cool but honestly forget exists half the time — Misdreavous, first introduced in Pokemon Gold/Silver for the GameBoy Color. Since I was making something from that generation, I also thought Murkrow, one of the first dark types introduced in the series, would be a good Halloween-themed project.

Misdreavous ended up having some cool, contrasting colors and I really like how she came out. I was also pretty excited to finally use a shade of pink for something this involved and actually have enough beads for it! The sprite used from the GameBoy games is actually more like a blueish-purple — one of the many shades of blue that I never seem to have or find. But in later games, she gets a tone more similar to the shade I actually used, so everything worked out well.

Murkrow’s pretty cool, too. Crows are classic Halloween birds, and this one looks like it’sΒ  even got a little witch hat, too. πŸ™‚ Both are cool Pokemon, but I wish they were a littleΒ  stronger — as one of the few new ghost types and one of the first dark types respectively, it’s too bad they’re not as strong as they deserve to be. At least they got evolutions eventually.

And as I mentioned at the end of last week’s post, I decided (pretty late) to participate in InkTober, where I’ll make one ink drawing a day for the month of October. Since I started a couple of weeks in, I’m trying to make at least one for each of the remaining days. I don’t know if I’ll catch up and complete each prompt by Halloween, but I’m still trying to get as many done as I can. Who knows, I may continue the challenge even after October ends!

But here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’m definitely not happy with how some of them came out, but there are a few in here I really enjoy and may even continue working on digitally at some point. You can tell I eventually got tired of just using ink and started including some pencil shading, too. πŸ™‚ It’s been a lot of fun drawing again, and this is helping me focus on doing creative things even when I don’t feel like it. Which, to be honest, I try doing anyway. But something about things like this and National Poetry Month and NaNoWriMo help make it seem doable, somehow.

Dracula‘s coming along, slowly but surely. Unfortunately, it’s just as slow moving as I remember though. Not bad, just… slow. I’m still going to try having a review for it next week, but the way it’s looking I may not be done by Halloween, so you might have to settle for more spoopy crafts instead!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you’re having a great week! πŸ™‚

New S-P-O-O-P-Y Perler art! — Muffet (Undertale)

Hey everyone! I was planning on having more stuff made for this week’s post. I was originally going to do more smaller projects, but at the last minute decided I wanted to go back and do something Undertale-related. I was originally going to do Muffet, the spider that runs the bake sale, for one of my spoopy Perler projects anyway, so here she is a little earlier than planned!


Muffet’s one of my favorite bosses in the game, and one of the most fun. I love how she’s using four of her arms to hold teacups and teapots; I always love when multi-armed characters do a bunch of things with their hands simultaneously (the boiler man fromΒ Spirited Away immediately comes to mind). Her eyes also wink both in unison and from left to right during the battle with her, so I gave her a couple of winking eyes to make the project a little more interesting.

I had some issues ironing her together. I had a feeling this was going to be too big to iron without problems, so I did the head, legs, and body (with arms attached) separately. I should have done the arms separately too, however; a decent number of beads didn’t fuse right away and it took a little more effort to get everything connected. Some beads also tilted somehow while I was ironing, leading to some awkward bead clusters that I decided to cut out and replace. I think I did a good job saving it, though; I’ve been through worse scenarios where entire sections had to be redone. Overall it’s pretty nice, but the arms are a little flimsy because they’re so thin, and the head definitely feels top heavy.

I feel a little bad for two short posts in a row, especially coming off from posts every other week or two, so I’m gonna share one more picture today:


I’m very late to the game, but I decided to participate in InkTober this year. If you didn’t know, the goal of InkTober is to make one ink drawing per day for the month of October. I started yesterday, and ideally I’d like to make one every day for the rest of the month, but I might try for more than one to try catching up. The first prompt was supposed to be speed themed, so I drew Sonic. I’m going to try doing these drawings a little more from memory and by copying as little from a source material as possible, although this particular pose still ended up being very similar to one of the official art pieces from the Genesis days.

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’re having a great week! πŸ™‚