New art!

Hey guys!

It’s been a while. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been sick of reading lately so I haven’t really picked up any books that I want to talk about. I read a few graphic novels — the first two volumes of I Hate Fairyland, a humorous, cartoonishly violent story of a girl trapped in a magical world she’s desperate to escape; and the first volume of Jonesy, which is about a girl that has the power to make anyone fall in love with someone else and the inevitable antics that follow. I enjoyed them, but I probably won’t go into too much detail on talking about individual volumes of graphic novels. Maybe once a series is finished I’d talk about the series as a whole, though.

So even though I don’t have any books to talk about, I do have a few art-related things to share. I got a nice case of markers from my sister for Christmas, so I drew a character named Annie from Splatoon.


Annie’s got this really funky coral-like hair, complete with a snarky fish swimming in it. Between that and all of the colors in her design, I felt a strong urge to try drawing her and I thought she would be a good way to test out my new markers.


I also made a fairly big Bowser out of Perler beads. I’ve been watching a let’s play of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story lately and… well, I’m not exactly sure what it was, but I was really impressed with Bowser’s sprite work. Like, so impressed I dropped everything to go make a Perler Bowser!

He wasn’t too bad. I had to substitute some bead colors here and there, but overall I’m really happy with how he came out! And if you’re curious about the let’s play, it’s being done on YouTube by lucahjin, so go look her up if you’re in the mood for some fun, silly commentary for a fun, silly game! 🙂

And finally, I’ve been working on a huge cross-stitch project since New Year’s Eve. Last year I learned how to cross-stitch and I thought to myself, “Hey, this would be a cool alternative for doing pixel art for projects too big for Perler beads!” I also thought there were a lot of cozy, homey areas in video games that would make good cross-stitch projects. So I started my first in hopefully a series of cross-stitch projects, Pallet Town from Pokemon Red/Blue. I was going to wait a little while longer before revealing my progress, but since today is Pokemon’s 21st anniversary…


It may not seem impressive now, but I’ve put a lot of work into it! This is Oak’s lab, and I’m hoping to have this portion of Pallet Town finished within a few weeks! I debated whether or not to go with the classic black and white color palette of the Game Boy, or the color palette of the Super Game Boy. I eventually decided  to go with the Super Game Boy palette, mostly because I obtained a newfound appreciation for it when I played through Blue last year with my friend and completed the Pokedex for the first time.

I feel like the colors I’m using are blending in too much with each other, though. I feel like I picked up the right colors, and when I looked at the game itself and compared it to my sprite sheet it feels like I’m doing this right, but… I dunno. Maybe I need to get a little further to really tell. It’s just one part of the entire town, after all.

Well that’s all for now. As for books, I did start reading a really interesting one that plays a lot with structure and layout, so I think there’s a good chance I’ll make a post about it one I’m done! Until then, I hope everyone’s having a great week! 🙂