New Perler bead art! (Undertale)

Warning: Undertale spoilers, I guess

Hi everyone! I didn’t get to finish the book I wanted to talk about this week, so instead I’m going to share more Perler bead art I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. And this time, it’s all Undertale related.

I’d be willing to bet that even if you’re not into video games, some of you have probably run into something Undertale-related on the internet. It became insanely popular last year and if you didn’t see a shitload of praise for the game, then you probably saw a ton of hate or criticism. Personally, I love the game. It’s still stuck in my head even months after I played it. I can see how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think most of the hate for Undertale comes from the overwhelming amount of praise and fandom people run into on the internet. Too much of a good thing can always sour someone’s experience, after all.

Anyway, after making a bunch of complicated projects for my friends I was really looking forward to something simpler. Undertale has pretty simple graphics; I guess it’s something between what you’d expect from an NES and SNES game. I was in the mood for simple and still had Undertale stuck in my head, so I just started making them.


I started off with Sans and Papyrus because, well… c’mon. They’re Sans and Papyrus. They’re one of the best parts of the game. When I didn’t know anything about Undertale and first checked out someone playing it, Sans and Papyrus’ banter after the first area was the point I realized I would really like this game. Papyrus is deluded with ideas of grandeur and wants to join the royal guard, while his brother Sans slacks off and doesn’t take anything too seriously. They’re both supposed to capture any humans that fall into the Underground (i.e., you), but Papyrus is the only one really trying. He enthusiastically leaves simple puzzles to block your path while trying his best not to solve them for you. They become pretty good friends after a while… if you let them, anyway.


I also made Temmie, one of the random enemies/NPCs. Temmie is an adorable, derpy dog/cat thing. Most of them don’t speak particularly well, but I find them adorable all the same. The one running the shop in the secret Temmie Village is trying to save “muns” so she can go to “cooleg.” 🙂

Something I didn’t know until after I finished the game was that this character is based off of Temmie Chang, one of the character designers and artists that worked on Undertale. I think it’s really cool she got to include herself in the game like this. I think it shows a nice appreciation for her work. 🙂


After that initial batch, I kind of decided I wanted to make all the characters at some point. So next up is Toriel, aka “Goat Mom.” She’s the sweet woman that finds you after you fall into the Underground and adopts you. She leads you through the Ruins, solving puzzles for you in an attempt to protect you. She’s very sweet and motherly, and the music that plays when you reach her home is incredibly relaxing. Go look up “Home” from the Undertale soundtrack on YouTube if you’re curious. This Perler piece is of Toriel reading in her chair by the fire, something I thought would look very appropriate hanging above my bookcase. 🙂


The last character I made was Flowey, and as you can probably tell, this isn’t the only Perler piece I made of a character’s boss fight. Flowey is a particularly interesting character in the context of Undertale’s story. In a game that treats each particular playthrough as its own timeline, Flowey is the only character (other than Sans) that’s aware of each timeline. He breaks the fourth wall in this way, and even talks about it with you.

Flowey was the smallest of these pieces representing Undertale’s battle sprites, but he still took up the better part of a 2×2 grid of pegboards. He ironed fairly well, but the others took a bit more time.


And of course, Sans and Papyrus. By the way, sorry that some of these photos are of the projects tacked up on my wall. I kind of forgot to take pictures for some of them on the counter I usually use and didn’t feel like taking them down. 😛

Anyway, Sans was okay. Since battles sprites are mostly black and white, fusing the beads was interesting. Normally black is easy to fuse and white is hard, but since the entire projects are just black and white they fused more easily than I thought. Sans took up a 2×3 grid of pegboards, so I fused three sections (2×1 each) and then fused those together (since I’ve found bigger projects to fail fusing properly if done all at once).

Papyrus is a pretty lanky dude with a pose I can’t help but fall in love with every time I look at him. There’s a lot of white here, and even with the black beads surrounding them I had some trouble fusing everything together. Papyrus took up 10 pegboards and had to be ironed in several different sections until he came together, and even after he still feels a little flimsy because of how thin he is in certain places. But in the end he’s definitely one of my favorite pieces, possibly my biggest to date.


Toriel is about as big as Papyrus, but considering her shape I used the same fusing methods as I did with Sans. It took a particularly long time to fill in all the black beads on her muumuu. I ended up trying to make small random patterns out of the black beads just to help beat the mundane nature of filling it all in.

One thing I’m not sure of is why Toriel has red eyes. I thought it might have been a mistake on her sprite sheet, but I looked at a video of the fight against her and they’re there. I think it’s a nice touch of color, but does anyone know why it’s like this?


And of course… Temmie. :3

Thanks for reading, everyone! Hope you’re all having a great, creative week! 🙂

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