Lately Halloween’s become my new favorite holiday. There really isn’t any reason for it to be; giving out candy is a pain, I don’t go to any Halloween parties, and although the idea of wearing some kind of creepy costume sounds somewhat fun, there isn’t any event I’d attend that would call for it.

I guess this recent favoritism might have something to do with October being my favorite month. Fall is my favorite season, and October’s the only month that it really feels like fall. September still feels like summer, and although I’m almost two years out of school, I still feel anxiety in my gut when August ends. November should feel like fall, but after working retail for so many years and having Christmas shoved down my throat, it really doesn’t. And the first few weeks of December before winter officially starts… well, who the hell thinks of fall when they think of December?

But October… October’s just fine. It’s finally cool enough to feel like fall almost every day. The leaves start to change colors and actually stay on the trees for a while, instead of remaining dead on the ground. College was a constant source of anxiety for me- September always involved a huge adjustment period of returning to school life and the huge workload that followed, November was cram time as professors realized they still had half a semester’s worth of stuff to teach in one month’s time, and Thanksgiving break through the end of the semester was filled with final projects and exams. October, though… I strangely felt most at peace in October when I was in college. By then I’d usually adjusted to my new schedule and got a grasp on how I should approach my workload. There weren’t many big projects or tests that needed to be completed, just usual readings and essays. During a time when I was usually stricken with panic and overwhelming feelings, I found decent periods of contentment while I sat in various spots outside the school, wrapped up in a hoodie, listening to music, and reading whatever I was assigned while drinking a relaxing, warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Honestly, if I hadn’t had multiple books to read through at once within such a short time, I would have loved this time at college.

So is Halloween my new favorite holiday just because it takes place during my favorite month? Not really. I’ve come to associate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as the end-of-the-year holidays, and comparing Halloween to the other two easily makes it my favorite of the three. Thanksgiving and Christmas are really stressful for me. Honestly, I think they’re really stressful for a lot of people, and if disliking family-centric and cheerful holidays wasn’t looked down upon, I think more people would admit to it. Halloween doesn’t involve family, and that in and of itself makes it much more appealing to me.

Then, of course, there are the colors. Thanksgiving gets a lot of warm, gold and brown colors. Christmas seems like it should have a lot of colors, but for me all I can really notice are reds and greens. And not even fun reds and greens, but really solid burgundies and pine tree greens. Everyone usually thinks black, purple, and orange for Halloween, but I honestly see a lot of bright colors mixed in among those. There are yellows, greens, blues, all sorts of bright colors mixed in among the darker ones. They make a really great contrast against the darker colors Halloween (and to an extent, October) is usually associated with. It’s fun. It’s festive. And it isn’t stressful.

It’s a shame Halloween is more of a kid’s holiday. Like I mentioned, there’s not really anything for an adult unless you’re invited or throwing an adult Halloween party. (But is that really a thing, or just something you see people do in movies?) Still, people decorate their houses and stores with decorations, and it’s nice to take it all in when you’re out walking in the world. And there’s always movies, TV specials, books, and video games that you can partake in. I’ve been replaying The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the past few weeks, and it’s certainly putting me in a Halloween mood. I’m moving during the next week or two, so I’ll probably be busy unpacking stuff on Halloween anyway, but I’d really like to do something for it. I think I’ll try looking for some cool Halloween related stuff to watch.


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