Dealing With House Guests When You Don’t Want Visitors

This weekend, my grandparents came to stay with us for four days. I love them. I really do.

But my god, how I hate having people stay over.

I’ve come to value and appreciate silence and space over the years, and whether someone’s coming to visit for a day, staying overnight, or staying for a week, these two things tend to become disrupted when you have visitors. Under normal circumstances, I might be able to handle myself a little more maturely than I did this weekend, but due to the frustration of dealing with many personal issues lately, having company over for an extended period of time wasn’t something I particularly wanted to add to my plate.

I told myself I was really going to try to be a good sport about the situation, too. When they visited last year, I was dealing with the tail end of a frustrating depression and didn’t present myself very warmly. And when most of my family went out of state to attend my cousin’s wedding a few months ago, I stayed behind, which nobody was happy with. I know I haven’t left a great impression with them, even if I am genuinely nice towards them when we talk on the phone, and I wanted this visit to go differently. I really did. I put on my A-game and was so nice welcoming them in, helping them bring in luggage, making small talk, making them tea, etc.

That lasted two hours. Max.

My grandmother is a chatty woman. A very, very chatty woman. Unfortunately, she’s the kind of person that talks a lot without ever having much to say (sorry Granny, I really do love you ❤ ). And after a couple of hours of being bombarded with conversation that, sadly, I honestly had little to nothing to contribute towards, I was exhausted. I was getting a little agitated. My mother was supposed to be home shortly after they arrived, and she was showing no sign of pulling up the driveway anytime soon. I was praying she would walk through the door at any moment to take some of the attention off me. Negative thoughts about my personal shit kept bubbling up inside my head, and I wanted to get out of the house and breathe.

And then my grandmother hit one of my sensitive spots: how’s the job hunt going? I could feel myself tense up as soon as she began the question. I knew it would be coming eventually, but I was hoping to be in a better frame of mind when it happened.

For those that don’t know, I graduated two years ago with a B.A. in literature, with a focus in creative writing. My long term goal is to get published; what comes in between then and now, I don’t know. I’ve looked into several areas of interest where I felt I wanted to be, but regardless, I still only have my part-time retail job. It’s not something I’m proud of, and it’s not something I particularly like talking about, especially now when I’m honestly not sure I want to do what I thought I did anymore. I’m lost, to be honest. And it’s very frustrating to be lost and have people try to force advice on you when they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

I’ll leave it to your imagination on what happened next.

My grandmother can come off a little critical, as well. I know she doesn’t mean it; I know she doesn’t have a filter when she speaks, and she says the first thing that comes to her mind. But I criticize myself on this matter enough as it is. I really don’t need to have another person do it for me. And sure enough, this turned into an extensive, criticizing conversation. At some point, I knew I lost my ability to fake smiles and be polite. I knew I lost whatever mental energy I’d saved up to enjoy their visit. I knew this visit was going to suck. And now all I wanted was for them to leave so I could have some fucking peace and quiet and space again.

I really do love them. I really do. But I can’t handle house guests. I really can’t.

Well, good luck within bad luck, I got sick the day after they arrived and remained that way until today (still kind of sick actually, but at least now I can function). I had an excuse to stay up in my room for most of their visit, and an excuse to not be particularly outgoing. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but with the way I am right now, I needed a legitimate excuse to keep some distance.

But maybe you don’t have an excuse and need to deal with house guests. How do you deal with them when you don’t really want to? Well, even though I completely failed to do most of these, here are some things that have worked for me in the past when I’ve had stressful visits.

Don’t feel solely responsible for entertaining them. If someone’s visiting for a day, this may not apply as well. But if you have guests staying for a couple of days or a week, don’t make it your sole responsibility to spend every minute of the day trying to entertain them. You have your own life to live, and while you need to make time for your guests, you can’t stop your life to please theirs. For example, you all don’t have to go to bed at the same time. Say you’re going to bed a little early and let them watch TV or whatever. After you’re done with work, take a little time to do some grocery shopping or errand running to give yourself a little room to breathe. Try designating a specific time you’ll spend time with your guests so you don’t feel like you’re ignoring them.

Don’t take things personally. I know. I’ve got some balls to be telling you this. This, coming from the guy that recently found a hand-written note taped on his mailbox that said “Smile You Are Healthy 🙂 ❤ ” and immediately texted his friend, asking her if she thought this was a random act of kindness by some kid or the universe mocking me (yes, this is a thing that actually happened).


She convinced me it was a random act of kindness, and now it’s taped above my desk :3

My grandmother didn’t mean to hit a nerve with me. I know that. I knew that when it happened. I just didn’t have the patience to deal with it. Be patient with your guests. Unless they’re people you talk and actively open up to on a common basis, they probably don’t know everything that’s going on with you. Your guests may be people that honestly don’t know you nearly as well as they once did, especially if a lot of time has passed between visits. People change, and sometimes others may not notice. If your guests are saying or doing something that’s starting to offend you, try to remember they’re most likely not doing it on purpose. (Unless they are. There are some genuinely rude guests that live to get a rise out of people. But you can usually tell the difference between these people and the ones that don’t mean any harm.) And if they keep doing it, try gently letting them know what they’re doing.

The visit isn’t going to last forever. Sometimes it seems like it is, but try to keep things in perspective. They’re not going to be living with you, even if they’re setting up their own station in the bathroom and you suddenly need to share counter and shower space. They are going to leave, and you’ll have your space back soon enough. Remember all those times when you found a day or week to pass by very quickly? Try thinking in those terms. The visit will be over soon, and the sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can deal with your guests a little better.

Try to include other people. I went out to dinner with my grandparents and parents on Saturday night. We invited my sister, who doesn’t live with us anymore, and her boyfriend. During previous visits, we’ve also invited my other grandmother (who is unfortunately no longer alive) and my cousins. Your guests may be visiting you, but chances are there are some other people you all mutually know and they want to see as well. Try to get them in on the visit for part of the time. It will help break up the repetitive nature of taking care of your guests and alleviate some of the unwanted attention on yourself.

Try to appreciate visits while they can still happen. Some visits will be one-time only situations, or just plain unwanted, whether or not you actually like the people that visit. But if you do like the people and you don’t get to see them often, even if you’re not up for it, try to enjoy the company while you can. I live in New Jersey. My grandparents live in Florida. We keep in touch regularly, but we don’t get many opportunities to see each other. And while they do make the drive back up here to visit their kids every year or so, the truth is my grandparents are getting up there in age. My mother has been saying “this might be their last drive up here” for years, and perhaps because they keep doing it I take for granted that they’ll always end up visiting. But realistically, I never know how many more visits they’ll make. They’re getting old; they may not have it in them to drive up and down the coast within the next few years. Even though I really haven’t enjoyed myself during the past couple of visits, I hope that they’ll come back again when I’m in a better frame of mind and can appreciate the company. You don’t want to come off like you don’t want your guests to visit when you still want to see them. You might make them feel unwanted and they may never want to visit again.

It’s not just family, either. As you’re getting older, chances are you’ll have more friends that live far away. They may need to crash at your place for a night if you want to see each other. If you make their time with you feel awkward, they may not want to make the drive to see you. It’s hard enough to keep up with friends that moved; you don’t need to make it harder.

Don’t forget about the bathroom. I’m sure different people from different ages and situations will read this, but if there’s one piece of universal advice I can give about dealing with house guests, it’s to use the bathroom! When you need a break, when you need to breathe, when you need everyone to shut up for five minutes, go to the bathroom. Keep a book or mp3 player hidden somewhere in it. Take your iPhone in and check a news feed from a social media site. Just sit on the toilet, turn the fan on if you have one, and breathe. The bathroom is, like, the one place you should be able to go and not be interrupted.

Should be. Life ain’t perfect. But take advantage of the bathroom. Trust me. It’s a lifesaver.

Hope this helps. Have a good week, and happy first day of fall! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Dealing With House Guests When You Don’t Want Visitors

  1. Yes! I know this feeling too well! When my sister’s come home from college, I get so irritated and just want to be alone for two seconds. They always want to go to to stuff, and talk up a storm about every possible thing… you’d think having your sister home for college would be a good thing, but not always! The bathroom is such a helpful thing. “I’m just going to take a shower…” “I’ll be right back…”

  2. I’m at work and I just got horrible news that some woman I don’t know (she’s a friend of a friend of my GF, and I think she barely knows her herself) is going to be staying with us for 1 – 2 weeks while she figures out where she wants to retire. Yes, she is of retirement age; we’re in our mid-40s. My GF is so freaking nice to everybody, she apparently offered up our house without telling me. She swears she told me, but it was more like “she’s coming here to find a place to live.” I took that as she’s just coming to our city, not our house. I love LOVE entertaining people at home, but having someone I don’t know stay at our house and intrude into our lives (it’s an intrusion even if she spends the whole time locked in the guest bedroom) for 1 to 2 weeks is just too much. What’s worse is the “visit” is happening immediately following a week’s vacation which, upon returning, ends with my GF’s OTHER friends visiting for the weekend. We get back on a Friday and they will probably be in the driveway waiting to walk in the door with us. I’m actually ready to quit my job (which stresses me out because I hate it so much) and go visit with my mom for a couple of weeks. I’m moving to go to school for a year, so I’m also thinking of trying to get out of here sooner. My ex used to do this a lot–invite her family to stay forever. And she would never get end dates, so they would stay FOREVER. This is bringing back awful memories. I literally feel sick to my stomach. I was googling for advice on how to deal with this and came across this blog. I know this sounds childish for someone of my age, but I just really can’t deal with this. When I’m done with school, we have to live apart. I absolutely cannot live with anyone ever again. I don’t like feeling like I have to compromise on stuff like this. With the exception of close family, I really don’t like people in my space for long periods of time.

  3. You’re a fucking asshole.
    Alot of people never even get to meet their grandparents and this is your attitude?
    You fucking selfish asshole I had people stay with me that got me in trouble with the law for nothing. Then they robbed me. There was Prison time for my kindness of shelter.
    It has affected my whole life. Employability mood trust gone.

  4. Wow I loved reading this. I hate having people over too. I only want people in my home that I want to be here. I have been unselfish for too long. I let my Mom stay who took over my home. I let her stay for a month and lost my mind. She used my space that I keep in immaculate order and a certain way to store her stuff. I am talking stacked boxes. She insisted on sleeping in my bed. I am a grown woman and I made her sleep on the floor. I actually have no room for anyone. It is a fact. The way she thanked me? Her son assaulted me. She pissed me off and acted like she had a right to everything. I have seen her move twenty times and I have lived practically in one home for near a decade. I made the best of it. I still am. So ever since then, I am not welcome at my bro’s house. No problem there. So he is not welcome here. You would all be stunned at the tension it caused that I don’t want him here. Well no wonder. So she always criticized me. She forced me to stay several blocks away while she got a piece of paper from my brother’s house where she is staying. I had to be out of sight. But If I demand that, I am screamed at, abused, criticized. Like what the heck? Well I am putting a firm foot down now. I own my own space. I take responsibility for it and I take control. And if no one likes the way I live my life, well they don’t have to be here. No one else in my family wants anything to do with my Mom. On Christmas day, I was miserable and alone. No one called. No one texted. Nothing. No nice meal. No gifts no cheer save for that which I feebly attempted to create myself. She disregarded the rules of my apt too like it was joke. So now I guess I have to be downright nasty just to have my apt space respected. I need to focus on me right now. I don’t have a job, I am depressed, I need my own space to he able to deal with me. I am not wasting my time anymore.

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