New Perler Bead Art!

I finished making some new Perler bead art yesterday. The first one’s Darkwing Duck:

DSCN1067I loved Darkwing Duck as a kid. Or so I’m told. Actually, I don’t remember a lot about the show at all. I remember most of the characters and one of the TV specials that I had on VHS, but there’s not a lot of the show that I remember, despite having toys and books (and dressing like him for Halloween one year). I do remember the NES game, though. Still one of my favorite NES games, despite becoming a little too easy as an adult.

DSCN1068Next up is Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales. This is another show I remember liking but not having many memories with. I had a Ducktales poster in my room as a kid (I still have it rolled up somewhere in my closet), and a puzzle, but that’s about it. I rented the NES game a lot as a kid, and one of the best memories I have about my mother is her helping me when I was stuck when I played it.

DSCN1069And since I was on a Disney/NES game roll, I made Launchpad, too. Launchpad was in both shows (and games), which I always thought was pretty cool. I loved crossover stuff like that back then. This one was actually pretty hard to finish; the beads kept popping out and disconnecting when I tried to iron it. Finally got it to work, though.

Hope everyone’s having a good week! 🙂


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