Music is something I’m usually a little hesitant to talk about. I love listening to music, but unfortunately, I end up listening to a lot of the same songs over and over again. I try to find new bands to listen to through Pandora and YouTube, but unfortunately, I usually find myself in the same loop of songs no matter what station I try to create. I don’t know a lot of people that are really into music, either, and I’m pretty embarrassed to ask for recommendations from the ones that are (they’re just so much cooler than me 🙂 ). And the radio? Well, poor sound quality and 10 minute commercials aside… no, wait. That’s it.

I still listen to CDs, too. I know other people do. I know other people buy CDs, as well. But I still feel like the only person I know that does. The music lovers I know either download all of their music (legally or otherwise) and/or listen to records. I prefer buying physical copies of albums (and almost everything else, for that matter). I don’t know why. Even though it can sometimes be inconvenient to store or find, it’s more satisfying for me to hold something tangible. It’s a feeling that I can’t find in a digital download. I find pride in looking at my collection of CDs rather than seeing them all in a folder on my computer. Records are pretty cool, too. I love when bands put cool artwork on the covers, and seeing the art on something as big as a record cover is pretty awesome. It’s a very enjoyable experience sitting in a friend’s place listening to a record, too. I don’t personally have a record player, and while I’ve considered investing in one, I don’t think it would suit my current lifestyle. One day, though.

I mean, I could find a way to fit listening to records into my life. I could listen to them when I’m writing or reading, for example. But I have other things in the background to listen to (including CDs). And because I still use CDs in my car, it would just be more expensive to get both a CD and record to suit different listening experiences. Of course, if vinyl records are coming with digital downloads anyway, I might switch over sooner than I think. As much as I love CDs, I only really use them in the car. Most of the time, I listen to them with my mp3 player. Maybe if the time comes when I can only use my mp3 player in the car, I’ll finally invest in a record player.

Why am I even talking about all this? Strangely enough, all this music thought was sparked by something a writer told me at a career panel this afternoon. He was talking about the eventual disappearance of books in favor of E-books (which I don’t necessarily agree with, but more on that another time). That got me to thinking about the general physical disappearance of things like movies, video games, and of course, music.

It’s not like this isn’t something that hasn’t been said before, but I really don’t want physical things to disappear. I like that we have the option to choose between digital downloads and physical mediums. I just don’t want one to completely wipe out the other.

This afternoon I told my sister I was going to buy the new CD by Foster the People, and she laughed and jokingly said “What’s a CD?” And I know it was a joke, but it made me kind of sad. She downloads all her music, only occasionally buying records if they’re cheap. And I don’t know, it kind of bums me out how a lot of people like her are big music enthusiasts but can’t actually see or hold their music collection.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m old or trying to hold onto something from the past. Like I mentioned, I’ve listened to a lot of the same music for years now. But I really do hope there will be a place for physical copies of music in the digital age.


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